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Unit testing: It's not just for qa anymore

Unit testing that's for the QA team right? Not anymore, with automated unit testing tools build into most development environments, unit testing is quick, easy and provides a great way to regression test your application.

Testing · Last updated 10/16/09

Tags: .NET, Best Practices

SEO friendly site design: The dark art of organic traffic

You have heard that Search Engine Optimization can get your site more traffic and we can show you how. Let us show you some simple steps you can use to increase organic traffic. Check out what we did to improve our rankings on search engines.

Web Development · Last updated 10/16/09

Tags: .NET, ASP.NET, Design, Web

URL re-writing: The facts you need to know

One part of Search Engine Optimization is the standardization of website url's. We used a cool approach called URL Rewriting to standardize our page names to improve our search engine rakings and you can too. Let us show you how.

Web Development · Last updated 10/16/09

Tags: .NET, ASP.NET, C#, Design, Web

Data access layer: Optimize for performance

Want you application to pop? We leveraged several performance optimization techniques in developing our site and we can show you how to do the same.

Data Access Layer · Last updated 10/16/09

Tags: .NET, C#, Data Access, Design, SOA

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