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Queued logging: Store and batch database writes

Minimizing the number of synchronous activities your applications do will accellerate page load times. We leveraged queues to offload logging operations to allow our pages to load faster and we can show you how it works.

Data Access Layer · Last updated 10/16/09

Tags: .NET, C#, Data Access, Design, SOA, Sql Server

SQL Server Profiler: What's that database doing anyway?

How many times have you been waiting on a page to load and wondered, what is taking so long. We like to use SQL Server Profiler to peek under the covers and monitor the database call patterns and activity. See how you can use profiling to optimize your database calls.

Database · Last updated 10/16/09

Tags: Sql Server

devxfactor gets a new home

Our team at devxfactor would like welcome you to our new home. We have spent the past month developing a new website that better reflects our goals, ambitions and capabilities. Browse around and we hope you like what you see.

Database · Last updated 10/16/09

Tags: .NET, C#, Design, Sql Server, Web, Web Services

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