Let Us Be Your Guide...

It is our belief that projects can require a significant effort but the process of product development delivery should not be hard. Creating a new product should be interesting, collaborative and interactive which we find enables us to be more productive.


Step I - Collaboration / Understanding

We like to work with our clients to understand their business goals and collaborate on how to leverage technology to meet their needs. We focus in on the big ticket items and core objectives to shape the solution discussions.

We find our clients use the interactive design discussions to share key project goals/constraints and identify must have features. The discussions provide the framework for several solution iterations to be proposed and reviewed.

Step II - Design / Plan

With a better understanding of the goals, objectives and must have features we are able to design an appropriate solution. During this step we decompose the project tasks and provide effort estimates.

This is a great time to create screen mockups, define screenflows and workflows, identify key data entities and points of integration to develop a working plan.

Step III - Implementation / Testing

This phase is focused on product delivery. During product development we like use checkpoints to review the progress and solicit feedback.

When it comes to testing we believe that quality is a product feature which is why we leverage automated unit and load testing on all of our projects.

Step IV - Deployment / Support

The build/package/deploy process is an often overlooked part of a project and we know how essential it is. We leverage scheduled automated builds and automated deployment processes to test the deployment process early in the product life cycle.

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